Aya Umoh

Faith 'Aya' Umoh, at the intersection of art, dance, and AI innovation, defies the traditional bounds of artistic expression. A data scientist by training, poet by passion, illustrator, meditation teacher, and multi-media artist by craft, Aya's work effortlessly bridges the traditional and the avant-garde. Her artistic work has garnered global audience, showcased in exhibitions with galleries and museums such as Vellum LA, Art Basel, and the Max Ernst Museum in Germany. Identified as "The Future of Black Digital Artist" by a16z and heralded as a part of the "Next-Gen of Digital Artists" by VellumLa, her creations have graced 11 exhibitions spanning 7 countries and 3 continents.

As the driving force behind ImmerseMe and the CEO of Creative Aya, Aya integrates techno-vernacular creativity into her work, masterfully blending the heritage of traditional African dances with modern digital archiving. Her recent immersion in the Level Ground LA Residency sees her reimagining the Ekombi — the dance of the Efik people — preserving its rich history while exploring its movement in fresh, futuristic ways.

With a deep-seated respect for her roots and a gaze fixed on the horizon of Afrofuturism, Aya's work stands as a testament to the power of melding past and future, tradition and innovation. In her journey, tools like Python and TouchDesigner become paintbrushes, and AI-driven platforms like ImmerseMe transform into canvases, where the dance of the Efik people finds new life, and audiences globally connect to a dance that is both timeless and groundbreaking.


Interreality: an expansive art exhibition bridging the traditional and digital art worlds through the presentation of works by 35 artists that span the physical-to-digital spectrum.

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Oct 14, 2023
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