Chromatic Reflections - 2
Chromatic Reflections
Video (silent) with Non-Fungible Token, 1 min, loop
16:9, dimensions variable (landscape orientation)
Edition of 1
Date Created
Chromatic Reflections is a visual translation of Aya's meditative journey. At its core, the artwork explores the elasticity of ellipses through self-reflection. Like Aya's own inward journey, the elliptical patterns convey the cyclical rhythms of self-reflection — akin to the pull of tides or the tempo of a dance.

Each transition, from the play of shadows to the dance of brighter hues, speaks to the oscillations between doubt, discovery, clarity, and introspection that are intrinsic to meditation. Variations in line thickness, and the progression of colors are not just visual elements; they narrate the highs and lows of one's internal journey, where clarity can be found amidst introspection, and moments of doubt lead to rediscovery.

In line with the continuous curve of an ellipse, Aya's meditative journey underscores the idea that introspection isn't about arriving at a finite destination but embracing the ongoing process of self-discovery. The ellipse's unbroken path mirrors Aya's unending commitment to understanding herself, emphasizing that personal growth is an ever-evolving journey, not a static endpoint.

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Courtesy of the artist.

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Oct 14, 2023 - Nov 25, 2023
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