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Innovative Artistic Endeavors
  • Created and implemented a visionary auction with an established auction gallery to support emerging artists.
  • Planned and managed a trailblazing exhibition dedicated to artists from Asia for their inaugural exhibition in North America at a prominent art gallery.
  • Curated and planned an expansive art exhibition spanning the physical-to-digital spectrum through the works by 35 leading artists.
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Strategic Community Engagement
  • Devised bespoke programming alongside curated, selling exhibitions for strategic community development.
  • Created, managed and run specialised workshops for targeted audiences including art collectors and art dealers.
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Digital Art Innovation and Promotion
  • Planned and executed a media campaign for a West Coast debut exhibition of internationally known artists with press including Cultured and the New York Times.
  • Collaborated with digital artists to create unique ethereum NFT art collections for sale and exhibition purposes.
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