Sankofa Seas - 2
Sankofa Seas
Video (sound) with Non-Fungible Token, 2 minutes 18 seconds, loop
16:9, dimensions variable (landscape orientation)
Edition of 1
Date Created

Sankofa Seas is a visual piece exploring the Ekombi dance, a traditional dance from the Akwa Ibom and Cross River regions in Nigeria. Through her own interpretation and movements, Aya introduces a modern touch to her heritage dance. Through the lens of her TouchDesigner custom program, she blends traditional dance and digital artistry, exploring new avenues while paying homage to her roots. It's a fusion of old and new, where techno-vernacular creativity meets tradition.

The digital sound bath, inspired by the marine patterns of the Gulf of Guinea from 2017, serves as an auditory backdrop, echoing the cyclical rhythms of introspection and heritage, mirroring the tides that have been a consistent presence in her life's journey.

As the piece unfolds the emergence of multiple silhouettes of Aya, each dancing harmoniously with the others. Each silhouette speaks to the layers of her journey, oscillating between her past, present, and aspirations.

In Sankofa Seas, the fluidity of dance combined with the rhythmic patterns of water symbolizes Aya's continuous journey of self-discovery.

For video documentation on vimeo, see: here.

Courtesy of the artist.


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