Emily Edelman

Emily Edelman is an artist, designer, and curator in New York City. Working primarily in generative art, Emily’s algorithms explore text, typography, communication, scale, and color theory. With a background in events, Emily also designs physical spaces and experiences.

Emily’s work has been shown internationally with Art Blocks, Verse Works, Artsy, and VellumLA. She is the cofounder of Token Art, an art and tech unconference.


An online and physical survey/group show of text-based physical artworks by TheVERSEverse in partnership with L'Avant Galerie and Librairie Métamorphoses.

This is Part 2 of an exhibition. Part 1 "Poème Objkt", a conversation between poetry and the visual arts brought to life through the liminal play of the physical and the digital, opened in October 2022 at L’Avant Galerie Vossen.

2023 Crypto Art Award Shortlist, The Lumen Prize.

Image courtesy of Jean Louis Losi.
May 25, 2023 - Jul 15, 2023
Librairie Métamorphoses
Paris, France