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The Beginning is Feminine
Text, form, color
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To be printed at about 24”x32”, and no smaller than 16.5”x22” (3:4 ratio)

The Beginning is Feminine is a visual interpretation of Tina Chang’s poem by the same name. Arranged by stanza in a series of 10 works, the text of the poem warps and wraps around primal shapes. Viewers are encouraged to tilt their head in syncopation with the edges, feeling the shapes with their own movement.

The poem begins with earth material (plains, bark, wilderness) and ends with water (rushing, runs). This balance ensures the sustainability of nature: trees, birds, humankind. The calm volley between the elements of earth and water is represented with careful geometries in greens and blues.

Chang's lines also reference fire, spark, flame: a third, urgent element used both for survival and destruction. Fire threatens earth and life, but is itself alive. Reds throughout the pieces interact with the blues and greens as small agitations, and also eruptions of flame. This tension is quelled, in the end, by water; a gesture to begin this cycle again--earth, fire, air, water--exploring the relationship between humanity and nature through the generative power of femininity.


Individual piece titles:

The Beginning is Feminine: invisible

The Beginning is Feminine: wilderness

The Beginning is Feminine: alive

The Beginning is Feminine: renewal

The Beginning is Feminine: future

The Beginning is Feminine: womanhood

The Beginning is Feminine: of gods

The Beginning is Feminine: spark

The Beginning is Feminine: revelation

The Beginning is Feminine: water

An online and physical survey/group show of text-based physical artworks by TheVERSEverse in partnership with L'Avant Galerie and Librairie Métamorphoses.

This is Part 2 of an exhibition. Part 1 "Poème Objkt", a conversation between poetry and the visual arts brought to life through the liminal play of the physical and the digital, opened in October 2022 at L’Avant Galerie Vossen.

2023 Crypto Art Award Shortlist, The Lumen Prize.

Image courtesy of Jean Louis Losi.
May 25, 2023 - Jul 15, 2023
Librairie Métamorphoses
Paris, France

Image courtesy Jean Louis Losi.

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