artist, curator:
Cindia Luest

Cindia Luest is an author, culture curator, and entrepreneur.
Having worked in consulting, for the United Nations and in Swiss Banking, she left the large organizations behind to pursue her dream of writing.

Her passion for culture and art are reflected in her novel experiences, which allow the story world to grow through artistic collaborations and expressions. She is passionate about innovating storytelling as well as starting conversations and initiatives for positive change.

Cindia was once a DJ. She and her husband make restaurant reservations before they book their travel. They love the outdoors, discovering curiosities, and meeting positive people. They live in Switzerland, sometimes Slovakia, and enjoy tasting all that life has to offer.

Welcome to the Journey!


A specially curated exhibition to visually bring to life the novel, Spice Journeys.

Nov 09, 2023 - Dec 06, 2023
unpaired. NFT Gallery
Zug, Switzerland