What is Ishan? - 2
What is Ishan?


TITLE OF SERIES: Questions of Identity

THE WORKS: Who is Yasmin? / What is Ishan? / Why is Rafael?

This series has been created in collaboration with Gianfranco and Cindia. The works symbolize what the characters’ lives are about and the themes they represent.
These are genesis pieces that only give a hint. New works will be created as the characters evolve!

About the series “Questions of Identity”

All of the characters in the world of “The Spice Temple” start off in a particular state. But as the story and their journeys progress, how will they change? “The Spice Temple – The Journey Begins” is the first of six works. Get a glimpse into what their journeys are about and follow to see who they will become.

What is Ishan?

Ishan is a talented Indian chef. He travels as a boy with his Mewari artist father, and he knows about the richness of Indian culture and cuisine. He generously shares his culture and superb cuisine with his friends at his restaurant, The Haveli.

But under the shadow of family history, his maddening envy leads him to mad experiments. Ishan wants to become a modern chef. Where will the spices lead him?

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