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Supreme Messages From an Unknown Source #53
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“Supreme Messages From An Unknown Source #53” represents the star of the film “Trap Cakes” the late Khalif Harrington in a marred silhouette etched in a digital canvas of gauche, pastel and digital photographs. The word TRAP hangs over his face as a sort of superhero mask as he holds space for the voiceless. And the words CAKES are scrawled below, casually but ultimately with great meaning. A play off the obscure, mysterious and compelling movie posters that secure space in our long-term memory but in the most urgent of Street Style.

Featured here as an NFT and part of the upcoming film “Supreme Messages from an Unknown Source” is “Supreme Messages from an Unknown Source #53” a digital artifact/painting/premonition created for the film “TrapCakes” in 2018 “TrapCakes” a 27 Minute Avant Garde Hood Deamscape” created as part of the Artist’s Hadley Broadcasting Company’s Youth Recidivism Cinematography Program at The Urban Leauge of Essex County, a Century old Human Rights organization in NJ.

There he worked with with about 20 teenagers with juvenile criminal records in the Summer of 2018 to produce the film, from inception to completion, in exchange for a stipend and equity in the project.

The film shows the dream scape that follows 3 characters entrepreneurial endeavors. In Khalif’s role, it’s the dream of opening a cup cake business, aptly titled, Trap Cakes. His moment of light in this dark place offered a truly sweet bit of community, commerce, culture and quality for all to taste and see.

Sadly Khalif, a brilliant, entertaining and enthusiastic young man was shot and killed on a desolate, blighted street moments after he left West Side High School in Newark, NJ on Monday August 29th 2021.

In this digital painting his memory lives on in silhouette. Towering along an imaginary skyline with the words TRAP at his crown etched atop the canvas and colored in digital gauche and charcoal.

The words CAKES are scrawled beneath.

In memory of Khalif, A portion of the sale of this NFT will be used to establish The Khalif Harrington Foundation to address the safety, transformation and advocacy of at risk youth through equity producing commercial art like “Trap Cakes” it’s upcoming sequel and this work of art, in particular.

Trap Cakes, The Artist and the memory of Khalif are proud to be a part of The Spice Journey and look forward to the collaborative magic created when art, technology, storytelling and culinary moments align to transform The World.

A specially curated exhibition to visually bring to life the novel, Spice Journeys.

Nov 09, 2023 - Dec 06, 2023
unpaired. NFT Gallery
Zug, Switzerland

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