“Visitation” - 1
Looping mp4 + microfiction as vinyl wall text
2048 x 2048 px
Date Created

At what point does the language artist become a language model and vice-versa? And what new skills must the artist develop as they co-evolve in a creative work environment where maintaining a playful and dynamic relationship with the rapid technical maneuvering of the machinic Other is an aesthetic decision?

Mark Amerika's “Visitation” is included from his recent “Microfictions” series, an ongoing digital art project where Amerika trains a text-to-video AI animation engine to co-compose a sequence of otherworldly images driven by the artist’s literary imagination.

Sampling concepts gleaned from Amerika's recent book, My Life as an Artificial Creative Intelligence, this new series of collaborative human-AI artworks investigates what Amerika refers to as a cosmotechnical skill, a playful and intra-active relationship with that is not based on functionalism but channeling the mediumistic qualities of beings-beyond-beings.


Now that the artist had teleported to another dimension,

supernatural phenomena began appearing on the shoreline.

The isolated beach was suddenly transformed

into a paranormal vortex programmed by the AI models.

Invisible to the human eye,

only the machine vision of an artificial neural network

could see the strange activity unfold in realtime.

Can you see it?

What does that make you?

An online and physical survey/group show of text-based physical artworks by TheVERSEverse in partnership with L'Avant Galerie and Librairie Métamorphoses.

This is Part 2 of an exhibition. Part 1 "Poème Objkt", a conversation between poetry and the visual arts brought to life through the liminal play of the physical and the digital, opened in October 2022 at L’Avant Galerie Vossen.

2023 Crypto Art Award Shortlist, The Lumen Prize.

Image courtesy of Jean Louis Losi.
May 25, 2023 - Jul 15, 2023
Librairie Métamorphoses
Paris, France

Image courtesy Jean Louis Losi.

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