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Algorithmically generated image printed on canvas
48 x 32 in. (framed)
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Versteeg’s work contends with painterly abstraction through the grossly dissociated means afforded by digital technology (think the long stick Matisse used to loosen and ensure the fluidity of his gestures). The compositions are the generated results of a continuously evolving set of algorithmic computer code that he interacts with as a central aspect of his studio time. In his attempts to mime painterly phenomena through programming, Versteeg is drawn to observe the notion of an image as a constructed circumstance replete with infinite variables. Sometimes culling the Internet for random images and collaging them into idiosyncratic narratives and sometimes approaching near monochromatic negation, the code he writes works tirelessly, exporting dozens of images per day, all having one commonality: absolute flatness. Versteeg is then forced to contend with the sheer velocity of this self-imposed dustbin of possibilities.

Courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery.


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Interreality: an expansive art exhibition bridging the traditional and digital art worlds through the presentation of works by 35 artists that span the physical-to-digital spectrum.

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Oct 14, 2023 - Nov 25, 2023
5500 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, USA

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