above the hill a comet - 1
above the hill a comet
AI-generated poem, hammered on stainless steel sheet
100 cm x 60 cm
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above the hill a comet

of white

a cloud of sparks

a shooting star

a body bright as a bulb

that is not a comet or a star but something else something

that has been waiting to come out this way over this hill for so long now for so long


the trees in the deep forest can feel it

the birds can feel it the wind can feel it the grass can feel it the clouds

there is a moon behind it too

and a smaller one just as bright that hangs and spins and moves around it I think I know what it is

"Every day, I work alone and in silence. I send bottles to the sea, some come back. Wherever I live, it feels like I'm in a monastery. Whatever people I interact with, it feels like I have manners from another time. But inside it's a fire - I feel strong and weak. I go very fast and very slow at the same time. I am looping in circular ruins. To combat anxiety, I tried various methods; one of them led me to have thirty-three extremely strong and visual dreams, over the course of a few weeks. I carefully wrote down what I saw, intense texts, and used artificial intelligence to make little paintings of them, precious as baked gold. It has haunted me ever since. One crucial night I dreamt I saw Mount Analogue, or something like it, from another mountain. A star was growing in the sky, and the light was distending as if at the edge of a black hole. I was not dazzled, the star turned into a small oval sun, then into a comet. The latter approached Mount Analogue and I saw it skimming very gently around its summit. The snow was blueblueblack when illuminated. From then on, the inner fire demanded to know what was next. I do the work of dreams, do you understand?

That is why I work alone and in silence."


Photo by J.L. Losi, courtesy of the artist and ADAGP.

aurèce vettier
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A conversation between the digital and the physical and 2023 Crypto Art Award Shortlist, The Lumen Prize.

“The poem-object is a composition that aims to combine resources from poetry and the visual arts, and to contemplate their capacity for mutual exaltation.”
— André Breton

Poème Objkt is a conversation between poetry and the visual arts brought to life through the liminal play of the physical and the digital. As contemporary expressions of Breton’s poem-object, the pieces in this exhibition present works of poetry, experimental writing and literature on the blockchain that enhance, reinvent and reimagine the relationship between the text and the image, the analog and the digital, ultimately opening up a space for dialogue that blurs and challenges the lines that divide.

This co-curation with L'Avant Galerie Vossen and theVERSEverse in Paris materializes in two parts:

Part 1 opened in October 2022. L’Avant Galerie Vossen and theVERSEverse curated the works of Sasha Stiles, Ross Goodwin, Ana María Caballero, aurèce vettier, Campbell McGrath, Robness, Kalen Iwamoto, Julien Silvano, Jason Sholl, and Saul Steinberg.

This first exhibition’s curatorial framework falls along the following lines:

Part 2 takes place May 2023 at Librairie Métamorphoses in Paris, with a section of the exhibition taking place at L’Avant Galerie Vossen.



Exhibition view © Photo: Jean-Louis Losi

Oct 22, 2022 - Nov 19, 2022
l’Avant Galerie Vossen
Paris, France

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